101 Sculpture Trail

Get the Map here for 101 Sculpture Trail. The Geyserville Community Foundation, with support from Geyserville Chamber, has joined the Cloverdale Arts Alliance in producing the 101 Sculpture Trail. The Trail is an exhibit of sculptures in the Northern Sonoma County communities of… more

Gigantic Galloping Horse

A Gigantic Galloping Horse will be come to a permeant home in Geyserville late fall this year.  You can help make it happen.  We need to raise $100,000 for Bryan Tedrick.  He is the artist who built Coyote and Lord Snort (the boar) that were in town for a few months. …more

Geyserville History Museum

Geyserville History Museum

It has long been a dream of Harry Bosworth and many Geyservillians to have a History Museum. A place to house the many artifacts and historical items gathered by Harry Bosworth, Ann Howard and many other Geyserville residents.