You will find the following sculptures. There are 27 sculptures in Geyserville for you to enjoy.  Going North get off the 101 at the Hwy 128 exit.  The sculptures are in the order that you will see them. Going South Just reverse the order and get off at the Canyon Rd. exit.

Printable Geyserville Sculpture Trail Map HERE

Harris Diego Serpent Spiral 20355 Geyserville Ave
Tedrick Bryan Victory 20355 Geyserville Ave
Crompton Peter Oculus South Lot
Crompton Peter Resurrection South Lot
Crompton Peter Shell Obelisk South Lot
Mudgett David Windows South Lot
Bologna Joe Tetrahedron South Lot
Bologna Joe Blue Grass South Lot
Lynch Philip Shimmer South Lot
Litman Adrian Tulip South Lot
Litman Adrian Cosmic Fusion South Lot
Ortega Hector Blind Faith South Lot
Trentatue Victor Barrel Man with Bottle South Lot
Heiges Max Run Home South Lot
Good Dan The Chase South Lot
Mahoney Mike Bench South Lot
Rich Ernest and Lois Jazzy II 20975 Geyserville Ave
Fitz-Faulkner Eileen Gulp 21375 Geyserville Ave
Heiges Victoria Augie Elementary School
Mahoney Mike Bench 20355 Geyserville Ave
3D Edddy Crompton’s Dragon Osarus 21145 Geyserville Ave
Seymour Michael Nicki’s Dream 21060 Geyserville Ave
Barbera Tyson Dandelion 101 Merrill St
Huncilman Stan Theororama 21060 Geyserville Ave
Leibowitz Steinmann Susan Cartwheels 21110 Geyserville Ave
Heiges Max Run Home Yellow 22570 Chianti Rd
Trentadue Victor Barrel Man Canyon Rd North
Heiges Max Run Home with Couch 21837 Geyserville Ave