Gigantic Galloping Horse
rusted material
Gigantic Galloping Horse

A Gigantic Galloping Horse will be come to a permeant home in Geyserville late fall this year. You can help make it happen. We need to raise $100,000 for Bryan Tedrick. He is the artist who build Coyote and Lord Snort (the boar) that were in town for a few months. The horse will be on the same scale as these two, approximately 25ft. tall and 25 ft wide. It will stay forever at the South entrance to Geyserville.

To date we have raised $57,000 so we are more than half way there. To help you can send a tax deductible donation by mail to: Geyserville Community Foundation, PO Box 593, Geyserville 95441. or donate here. 100% of your donation will go to the Horse. It is tax deductible and we will acknowledge your donation via thank you note, website and for the larger donations on the permeant plaque.

Bryan has been collecting rusted steel all over the county to be used in the piece. Watch here for pictures of the construction.

Grey Chandler, a senior at the New Tech Academy High School in Geyserville is making a life size horse to be donated for fund raising purposes.

Rusted material donors
Ron Black, Rand Dericco, Barney Marinell, Barry O’Mera, Lou Parde, Jim Syar, Syar Industries,

The Heiges Family
Bryce Jones